Project Title

New collaborations in art and architecture -  Australia

Year of Fellowship - 1996


My subject was new public art, with a particular focus on applications of ‘percent for art’ legislation in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. The aim was to meet artists, see work and look for examples of good practice in commissioning art for public places. A secondary aim was to investigate how the ‘percent for art’ device was applied by Australian city authorities.

I met artists and city officials and discussed attitudinal differences between Australia and the UK. I saw many great works including ‘The Public Purse’, a wonderful public sculpture by Simon Perry for a site outside City Hall, Melbourne.

I still work in the public art field in the RKL consultancy and I have been appointed to the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) national panel of 250 BEEs (built environment experts) providing design mentoring and design review services. I also run a small travel company providing tailor-made tours in India and I run an over 50s cricket competition, The Grey Fox Trophy