Project Title

An investigation into Botanical Flora in Primary Successional Forest (Refugio Romero) and Secondary Lowland Forest (Manu Learning Centre)


Aim of the study: actively research the biodiversity and distribution of medicinal flora in regenerated (secondary) forest and successional dynamic forest in the Madre de Dios region of Peru.

Materials and Methods: Ethnobotanical surveys (field transects and identification methods) used to determine biodiversity differences and the relative frequencies of medicinal plants in the areas. Interviews with local communities and working with indigenous people were also undertaken.

Results: Primary rainforest appears to have greater floral biodiversity than secondary; but in terms of ethnobotanical flora, there is unclear evidence to suggest a difference in distribution.

Conclusion: According to this study and similar studies in different areas, biological diversity does vary between secondary and primary forest but the distributions of medicinal plants is relatively unknown and requires more extensive research. Interviews with indigenous people are crucial to maintaining important relationships between scientists and local people.

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