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Please join us for a free film premiere screening on Friday 14th Februaryat the Durham Gala Cinema Millennium Place, Durham, DH1 1WA ofWELCOME TO OUR WORLD.

Screening times are as follows: 11am, 12.30pm and 2pm with a duration of 1.5 hours for each screening. No booking necessary although you can reserve tickets via the Gala box office 0191 332 4041

Kids for Kids UK has been working in partnership with Durham Women Rising to present this diverse range of short films from around the world that raise awareness of the issues women and girls face whilst celebrating their lives and cultures during the festival events in February and March 2014.  

Selected films for screening are as follows:

‘The Secret of Paradise’ by Proyect Silence, Spain

The alternative story of the creation of Adam and Eve in Paradise. 

Produced as part of a Youth in Action Programme with young people from Spain, Finland and Greece collaborating on the full production with support from Proyect Silence.

‘You Got Beautiful’ by Lauren Orme, UK

You Got Beautiful explores women’s relationships with their bodies, delving into women’s inner lives and outer form: two things that do not always co-exist as happily as they ought to.  This animation tells a story about eating oneself.

Produced by Lauren Orme as her graduation film from the University of Wales.

‘Rose’ by Tom Young Films, UK

Rose, a troubled teenager, runs away from her abusive parents to meet her best friend, Charlotte.  But when Charlotte’s mysterious and attractive boyfriend offers Rose a chance for ‘a better life’, she is forced to make a life-changing choice.

A film inspired by real life case studies of human trafficking survivors in the UK produced with the aim of raising awareness around the sexual exploitation, trafficking and domestic abuse of young people in the UK.

‘I Give You This Place’ by Sunbird Films, UK

A documentary short about Sathya Nath, a doctor from South India who came to live in County Durham with her husband and daughter and became blind after being involved in a major car accident.  The film tells Sathya’s story, her incredible love of life, her supportive family and her determination to make the world a better place.

Commissioned by Durham Creatives with a unique brass soundtrack by Emily Murray.

‘Shame On You’ by Nab’ubomi, South Africa

The Nab'Ubomi project introduces South African Youth to the exciting world of film & television production; facilitating media education and multiple kinds of literacy. Meaning 'This is Life' in Xhosa, Nab'Ubomi has become a media platform where teens can express and explore issues relevant to their lives, schools & communities through the dynamic medium of film.

‘Noted’ by Signal Film and Media, UK

Kate, a difficult teenager is feeling isolated in a single parent family and finding it difficult to communicate with her distracted mum.  A night at a squat party with new friends gives Kate an important decision to make. Does she make the right one?

A BFI Academy production led by Signal Film and Media in partnership with FACT Liverpool working with a group of talented young people ages 15-19 years.

‘Silent Scream’ by Integrate Bristol, UK

Yasmin, a survivor of FGM, is desperately trying to protect her younger sister from being subjected to the practice.  The story is told via interviews relating to the law, health and religion, and a personal account from a mother.

This hard-hitting drama documentary was made by 27 brave and determined young women who attend schools in the Bristol area with support from the team at Integrate Bristol.

‘Hmong Medicine Women’ by PhotoForward, Laos

Sia Yang examines the difficult life of a traditional medicine woman, Mai who had dedicated many decades of her life to learning and dreaming about the natural medicines that she uses to cure her community.

Produced as part of the Stitching Our Stories Community Research Project managed and delivered by PhotoForward in partnership with the Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre in Luang Prabang.

‘Recession’ by Porcupine Pictures Ltd, UK

In a state of despair Scarlet hitches a lift with a mysterious stranger.  The driver seems unfamiliar, unnervingly so, and Scarlet soon finds her journey out of darkness takes her to a place she’d forgotten. Back to where she started.

An independent short produced by Beryl Richards.

‘Trust’ by The Rural Media Company, UK

“It’s like suddenly you grow a bit and you’re supposed to know about boyfriends and what the rules are.”  A short drama documentary that explores teenage relationships and the anxieties that young people experience.

Trust was part of ReFocus a resource of six films made by young people with the support of The Rural Media Company in partnership with West Mercia Women’s Aid.

'Living In Hope' by Global Citizen Media, Myanmar

Due to limited public health services in Myanmar, many people who are HIV positive are not identified, do not receive treatment and go unreported.  Burmese young women Lulu Aung and Ying Nang are two of these people, and share their reality of living positively with HIV in Myanmar.

The participants wrote, directed and edited the film as part of a Global Citizen Media workshop in partnership with the Hope Centre in Myitkyina.

'Women Like Men And Men Like Women' by Proyect Silence, Spain

A short film about the equality of men and women.

Produced as part of a Youth in Action Programme with young people from Spain, Finland and Greece collaborating on the full production with support from Proyect Silence.

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