The names are out and we say congratulations and welcome to 8 new Fellows in our region:
Paula Turner 
 'Improvisation and circles as models for community belonging and welbeing'. 
 Travelling to Australia, Greece, Spain and the USA.

Sharon Bainbridge
'Developing a sustainable, innovative and accessible resource to promote milinary'
Travelling to Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Switzerland

Beth Morgan
'Eco Logical Water Solution - A no dependancy approach'
Travelling to South Africa

Richard Brown
'Theraputic Horticulture: Using horticulture as a medical treatment'
Travelling to Canada and the USA

Matthew Bower
'Investigating alternative approaches to multiple, complex needs in homeless populations'
Travelling to Australia

Lucy Potter
'Enabling parental involvement within urban communities of social deprevation'
Travelling to Brazil and the USA

Andrew Beanland
'Cycle tourism for sustainable rural development: Undertstanding and interpreting lessons from Europe'
Travelling to Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden

Francis Ridley
'Univeristy Community Partnerships: Case studies from the USA'
Travelling to the USA