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East Pennine Association

We are the local Association for Churchill Fellows in Yorkshire and the North East. 

The role of our Association is:

- To assist Churchill Fellows to stay in touch socially and across fields of interest.

- To help publicise the Fellowship programme to encourage new applications.

- To welcome new Fellows and to assist them in preparing for their Fellowships by facilitating contact with existing Fellows.

- To assist new Fellows in disseminating their reports and findings. 

The Committee

Our committee members meet regularly in Thirsk to ensure that our regional Fellows remain intouch and engaged. We organise successful meetings for our members in a variety of interesting locations throughout the region. 

We ensure that our program of events are varied and stimulating and as far as practically possible, are accessible by all Fellows and their guests.

If you know of a regional venue that would be of interest to our members, please contact us.



Claire Ford


Simon Campbell - Skelling


John Duncan

Gordon Mason


    Jo Pitt

 Mike Sadler

 Derek Langley


 Stella Kilvington


 Committee Member Profiles

Claire Ford

Claire is a 2011 Fellow who travelled around the USA, with the aim of exploring Creative Accessibility for individuals with Dementia. 

Since returning from her fellowship Claire is now running Dementia Specific Training around the Arts and has set up the iPad engAGE project.

Andie Harris 

Andie is a Churchill Fellow (2009) and has a degree in Heritage Management, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education, CIPD qualifications in both Recruitment and Training and an MA with distinction in Historic Environment Conservation.

Andie Harris is an education and recruitment professional with over seventeen years’ experience. Currently working as the Learning and Skills Manager at the North of England Civic Trust, managing a range of specialist heritage skills training projects across the historic built environment, heritage engineering and traditional craft skills. 

 Gordon Mason

Gordon is a 2001 Fellow who travelled to the USA, Canada & Hawaii following in the footsteps of David Douglas, botanist & plant collector extraordinaire (1799-1834).  Since his Fellowship he has been working on a TV documentary about Douglas, shortly to be released.

 John Duncan

John is a 2007 Fellow who travelled to Australia for his fellowship – ‘The Impact of the 2012 Olympics on Regional Tourism’. John works for Leeds and Partners as the Manager of the Leeds Visitor Centre.

 Jo Pitt

A 1999 Fellow, Jo travelled to Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand to study their approaches to offering Parenting Support.Support in the UK at that time was only offered haphazardly, often by charities or churches; in Australia they were already espousing such support on a large scale. Her interest was in how they progressed from our situation to one where support was widely accepted but without stigma.

 Neil Morris

 Neil is a 2008 Fellow who travelled to Australia & New Zealand - Exploring how men recovering from a mental health illness are engaged through training and education

Neil is an Education and Development Specialist with 20 years’ experience of adult education and community engagement working in consultancy and contractual capacity for a variety of organisations and clients in various sectors.

 Simon Campbell-Skelling

A 2010 Fellow, Simon is a museum and heritage industry professional who travelled to New England for his Fellowship  Whilst there he studied the methods the US National Park Service use to educate visitors about the historic sites they manage. He currently works as an Exhibitions and Events Officer for Kirklees Museums and Galleries.

 Derek Langley

Derek Langley was a 1975 Fellow completing a Fellowship entitled 'Aural Rehabilitation of Deaf and Non-Communicating Children'. In  Holland, Derek visited schools for Multiple Handicapped, deaf and partially - hearing children. Among the discussions with my Dutch colleagues were those involving different modalities to assist ‘our’ children.  In America visiting  Schools, Clinics, Hospitals,  confirmed my view that education is the nurture of personal growth and that techniques to develop children’s communication skills.

 Stella Kilvington

Stella is a 1996 Fellow who travelled around the USA and Canada looking at Diabetes Care particularly amongst the elderly. On her return she has addressed many of the voluntary groups of the North East including Diabetes UK, Newcastle University and at the Northern Ireland Diabetes Conference in Belfast. Until recently Stella was the founding secretary of the Northallerton Group of Diabetes UK and continues to be a supportive member.

 Mike Sadler

My 3 month Fellowship in 1970 took me to the USA where I visited banks across the country to study Banking Services offered to customers. I have since [1996-1999] had the honour to be a WCMT Council Member and a long-time member of the East Pennines committee.




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